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One of the Most Important issue Facing Seniors is their medical Coverage, Having the Right Plan in Place  is essential to Living an Empowered Life. Luckily for You The Senior benefit Guru has you Covered! We have years of Experience advising Seniors on the ins and outs of Medicare. Our Steamlined process will explain what coverage you are owed, where the gaps are and how to ensure you have the best coverage possible

Original Medicare Explained

Original Medicare is comprised of Medicare Part A and Medicare part B, this is the coverage you have worked your entire life to earn. This Coverage is will cover most of your health needs to a certain extent.

One of the Myths we always hear is that Original Medicare Covers 80% of all Your Medical Expenses, which isn't exactly true. It is Important to Know What Each Part Covers and How they Work.

What Medicare Part A Covers

Medicare Part A mostly covers your Hospital Stay, but not the Medical Services You Receive. It basically Covers the Bed and Room you Occupy. The Medical Services are covered by Medicare part B.

You will have to Pay a Deductible during Each Benefit Period you are newly admitted into the Hospital. The Deductible for 2022 is $1,556 then your Hospital Stay is Covered on Most Occasions.

There is Premium for Medicare Part A, but most people have already Paid the Premiums by the contributions they mad during their working years.

Skilled Nursing is also Covered under Part A. For More Information, Be Sure to Reach out for a Consultation.

What Medicare Part B Covers

Medicare Part B covers 80% Your Medicare Approved Expenses, this includes Doctors, Nurses, Surgeries, Etc.

There is However A Monthly Premium and a Yearly Deductible You Will Have to Pay.

The Deductible You Will Have to pay is $233 for 2022 and The Monthly Premium is $171.10. After that you are covered.

The Problem with Original Medicare is you still end up owing about 20% of your medical costs, which can add up quickly. Leaving you saddled with Huge Medical Bills.

Medicare part C offers a couple solutions to keep your Max Out Of Pocket Costs low.

Medicare Part C - Medigap

Medicare Part C is also known as Medigap, because if fills in the Gaps of Original Medicare, more specifically the 20% liability you are left with. To accomplish this there are 2 programs available to you: 1) Medicare Advantage or 2) Medicare Supplements

Both Protect You from going into debt because of large medical bills, they just work a little differently. It is Important to consider Your Individual Circumstances to decide which program is right for you, an Experienced Medicare Agent can Help you Make the right assessment,

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements charge a Monthly Premium, but offer great coverage.

There are many different plans to choose from, each with it's own letter to represent the plan. Every Plan is designed to address different needs you might have.

One of the Most Popular Plans is The Plan G which offers complete coverage after you pay the Medicare Part B Deductible and Premium. Under this plan you won't have to pay anything else for your medical coverage: Doctors Visits are Covered, Surgeries are Covered, Specialist are Covered, Etc.

It is Important to Speak with Someone Experience to Explain the other plans available, You have specific needs and the odds are One of theses plans will be a perfect fit.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans have gained a lot of Popularity Lately and the plans available continually are improving.

One of reasons the popularity increase is they usually have a low monthly premium. Most plans include additional Benefits like Visa Flex Cards and Gym Memberships.

These Low Premiums and Benefits come at a cost though, Advantage plans have deductibles and co-pays for services and Doctors visits, the great thing is you are protected from having to spend a lot of money over the course of the year.

To do this all Advantage Plans have a Max out of Pocket Limit, so you will never spend more than that specific plans limit.

Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription Drug Plans are covered under Medicare Part D which is probably the most confusing Part of Medicare. Everyone knows what the Doughnut Hole is, but most people have a hard time explaining what it is exactly. Another Question People have is Way the Plans differ so Much in Pricing or why certain drugs are not covered by some plans.

We Recommend You Speak with Someone who Knows theses drug plans Extremely Well, the Wrong Decision could end up costing you a lot throughout the year and under most circumstances you can only switch plans once a year. Give us a Call to Get the Best Advice and Information Around.
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