Life Insurance
Ensuring Your Legacy with Life Insurance, Final Expense and Mortgage Protection

Life Insurance for the Empowered Senior

Life  Insurance isn't the insurance we buy to protect ourselves, it is the insurance we get to protect the people we love, which makes getting coverage one of the most important decisions of out lives. We don't get to choose how and when we leave this world, but we can choose how we leave our loved ones and Life Insurance is the best way to make sure you leave them protected and financially secure.

When it comes to the type and amount of coverage you need in place it is important to have multiple options and a trusted adviser to make sure you get the coverage that is right for your unique situation. The Senior Benefit Guru is they type of Advisor you need.

An Experienced Life Insurance Broker

The Senior Benefit Guru is a Broker, meaning we have access to more carriers than the average insurance agent, so instead of hearing how great One company is, we can look at everything that is available where you live to ensure you are getting the best coverage possible and the lowest cost.

There is no One size fits all solution to Life Insurance , you are unique and have different needs than your neighbors; the importance of an experienced consultant can not be overstated.
Throughout the Years our Team has had the privilege of helping Hundreds of Seniors find the right Coverage. Whether your family needs a policy to replace your income, Protect your mortgage or something simple like a final expense policy We have the experience to suggest the right solutions for you and your loved ones.

Income Replacement Insurance

A Two Income Home allows Most People a certain type of Lifestyle; like the ability to take vacations, Help Out the Kids and Grand kids or even something as simple as Paying Bills on Time. When we Pass those obligations are still there, and losing an income puts them in Jeopardy.

It is Important to consider this when planning your legacy. No One wants to leave Knowing Their Loved Ones will Face Hardships because they are Gone, in fact most people would take comfort in knowing that the people they love will still be cared for financially. Income Replacement Insurance is the Best Way to Protect Your Families Lifestyle when you are Gone, and It's More Affordable than you think. Give Us a Call, we can help you decide how much and How Long your family will need.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

When you and Your Spouse Decided to Buy Your Home, your combined Income was most likely a deciding factor. Which is why we encourage our clients to ask themselves: Would My Spouse Be able to Afford our Mortgage Payment if I no Longer could Contribute?

If the Answer is NO, You Might Want to Consider Mortgage Protection Insurance.
It is an Affordable way to Make Sure Your Home is Paid Off if You Were to Pass, Protecting Your Loved Ones from Financial Hardship or Even Foreclosure.

A Mortgage Protection Policy is Tailored to Your Mortgage, it is a Term Product with a decreasing Value that correlates to the Amount you Owe on Mortgage as You Pay it down. Because it is a Term Product with a Descending Value it is a Very Affordable Type of Insurance.

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense, also known as Burial Insurance Helps protect Families from suddenly having to come up with up to $20,000 to pay for a loved ones burial and memorial.

The Truth of the Matter is, no one knows when they will pass and if our affairs are not in order someone else will have to pay to straighten them up. How often have you seen families having to get "gofundme" accounts to pay for a loved one's final expenses? It happens all to often. Most of our clients choose to get Final Expense Coverage to help their families avoid having to pay these huge bills
With Inflation and the popularity of Cremation all of the memorial options have increased in price. A cremation used to be the affordable "burial" option, but the prices have risen exorbitantly in the last decade or two. Now on the low end memorials are costing upwards of $5,000. Not to Mention other expenses like travel for the family or final Household bills your family will be on the hook for, when Most of our families don't want the burden to pay these high sums; or are unable to pay. It is Important to Protect Your Family from this obligation.

Final Expense Insurance is Affordable with Policy Amounts of up to $50,000. When you Contact us, we are able to help you decide how much your family will need and find you the best rates around.
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