Protecting and Growing Your Savings for a Lifetime

Annuities for Michigan Seniors

Simply put Annuities are an Insurance Policies for Your Savings, which can be a valuable tool for retirees.

During our Working Years the investment goal should be to grow our retirement funds as much as possible. To accomplish this most people choose a mix of high risk and moderate risk investments, because they know that over time the Market has proven to be a steady investment. Even taking into account potential losses, after enough time has passed your money will return to growth.

Unfortunately retirees don't have the luxury of Time to heal losses from the market, which is why most seniors choose a less risky strategy to managing their Nest Eggs. One of the Most Popular strategies retirees use in an Annuity. They offer Steady Growth, Protection from Market Losses and Can Be Customized to Fit any Individuals Needs.

Why Choose an Annuity

An Annuity is NOT an Investment, it is a Contact Between You and an Insurance Company, this offers you a lot of Benefits the regular Market can not. Like a Guaranteed Rate of Return, Safety from Dips in the Market, and Even Income for Life. There is No Investment on Earth that offers these types of Benefits.

The Funds in an Annuity are even Insured, similarly to how the money in your Bank insured by the FDIC; an annuity is insured by the states guaranty fund.
When deciding on whether an Annuity is right for you it is import to speak with an expert in this type of insurance. You will want to have a clear understanding of how each type of annuity and rider can benefit your retirement, what the potential downsides are and which companies will be the best fit for you.

Here at The Senior Benefit Guru we have access to all of the Best Annuity Products in the Country, coupled with the latest Industry Training and Years of Experience. We Understand that each retirement is different and refuse to pigeon hole our clients in a "one size fits all" solution. You Deserve Better than that, and we would love the chance to earn your business.
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