Medicare, Life Insurance and Annuities for the Empowered American Senior
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Senior Insurance Specialist

Our Passion is to Empower Today's Retirees to Live their Best Lives through Knowledge, Helpful Tips and Of Course... Quality Insurance!

The Senior Benefit Guru is Your #1 Source for Affordable and Effective Insurance, whether You need Life Insurance, Annuities or Health Insurance
Here You will find insurance plans for the entire family. Everything we do is aimed at helping you protect the most important aspects of your life; including health, life and finances.

We are Licensed to Help People In Michigan and Ohio. Contact Us for Expert Advise or To evaluate your Current Level of Coverage. We Promise to Give you the Straight Answers you deserve and Thoughtful Suggestions to Improve Any Situation You Find Yourself In.

Free Resources for Seniors

Empower Your Retirement With These Helpful Insights


Our News Letter is Filled with Helpful Information to Help You Get the Most out of their everyday lives.

Some of the Topics to look forward to are health living tips, Ask the Benefit Guru, Health Care Information, Life Insurance Strategies and Protecting Your Nest Egg.

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The Senior benefit Guru is always striving to bring Seniors No Fluff Information they can use to live Empowered Lives.

Check Out Our Current Offering of FREE Clinics. Some of the Topics Include Legacy and Estate Planning, Retirement Essentials, and Medicare Made Clear.

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Here You will Find Fun Insightful Information and Advise.

Lynn the Senior Benefit Guru will share Her Take on Challenges Seniors are Facing Today, Healthy Living Tips, Clear Up Misconceptions people have about Insurance and Answer Questions.

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Retirement Planning and Insurance

Solid Planning and Advise on Protecting Everything You Care About
Being Retired has a way of Putting Life into Perspective. You are no longer worried about the daily grind, and have the time to focus on Loved Ones, Hobbies, Charity, Etc. The Senior Benefit Guru's Goal is to Help You Ensure Your Ability to continue Enjoying Everything You care About.

The Medical Plans we Represent will Help You Get the Most out of Your Life, Our Life Insurance Options will Protect Family and Home from sudden Losses, and Our Annuities will make sure You can Continuing Living Your Retirement on Your Terms without Running out of Income.

Life Insurance

Duty and Legacy are two concepts we hear a lot about in the Life Insurance Industry and for Good Reasons.

What Used to Keep Our Clients Up a Night is the Fear that their Families would Suffer from Financial Loss when They Pass Away. Then They Contacted us, and we found them the best options to make sure that didn't happen.
The Solutions we Offer could be as simple as Burial Insurance , so your loved Ones won't have to shell out 10 to 20 Thousand Dollars for your Final Expenses. Or Mortgage Protection to ensure Your Spouse can Keep the House when they lose your Income. Or A Larger Life Policy to Leave the Grand Kids money for College. What Ever it Is, Get in Contact with us for a Fair Assessment of What You Need and Valuable Options to Take Care of Them.
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When  you take a thoughtful approach to Medicare, it is often the best insurance you'll have in your life.

It's True that Original Medicare only covers 80% of approved Medical Costs, but when paired with an Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement you will have a Medical Insurance Plan that will give You Coverage for 100% of Medicare Approved Costs.
There are even Ancillary Plans Available to ensure You are Covered for costs Medicare Doesn't Pay. These Plans Could be Hospital Indemnity, Cancer Coverage, Stroke and Heart Attack, Home Health Care, Etc.

It is Important to consult with someone( A Guru of Some Sort ) who can explain how Medicare Works, What it covers and More Importantly what isn't covered, when deciding on the Amount of Coverage You Need.
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Protecting Your Finances is a Big Concern for a lot of Seniors, and it should be; Most people have to save and invest their entire lives to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

It is Important to make sure your nest egg isn't a risk of Running Out, or Burdened by Unforeseen Circumstances ( Like a Dip in the Stock Market ). Which is why a lot of our Clients Protect Their Money With an Annuity.
Annuities are not investments, they are a contract with an Insurance Company which guarantees a Rate of Return and Protection from Market Losses ( No Investment Product Offers this Type of Security ).

The Beautiful Thing about an Annuity is how customizable they are, It can provide Lifetime Income, Protection from the High Costs of Long Term Care or Even Be Used as a Better Alternative to a Certificate of Deposit.

Give us a Call to Learn How an Annuity can provide Financial Security for the Rest of Your Life.
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